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Panic Attacks
Trauma (PTSD)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Fear of Public Speaking
Sport Performance

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks occur when the fight or flight response starts to go off inappropriately. Panic attacks, although rarely dangerous are highly distressing. Attacks often first occur during a higher than normal level of ‘background stress’ in a person’s life. This general background stress then ‘spills over’ in the form of a discrete period of high panic. Once the panic has started the panicker then begins to fear the panic attack it self which can start a vicious circle of worry about panic attacks and the experience of the panic itself.

Two stages of treatment are then required:

1) Previous panic attacks are conditioned through hypnosis, removing any 'triggers'
2) Relaxed rehearsal of problem situations allow previously panicky environments to be experienced without fear

In addition, your Uncommon Therapist will teach you about panic attacks to remove 'the fear of the fear', and give you tools to manage anxiety in the future.